HOA Administrators

About HOA-Administrators

HOA-Administrators, a full-time [HOA management company, offers Boards a variety of need-based services. You can request all or some of our offerings. Financial management is the main focus of our business, and it is what we do most for clients. We will help shape your business and put it back on track with extremely professional financial administration. Available services include:

Financial Management

Manage the administration of the Association's financial affairs following the policies adopted by the Board.

  • Bill and Collect Dues
  • Deposits
  • Maintain Accounting Records
  • Budgets
  • Financial Reporting for Tax Filing


    General Administration

  • Draft and Distribute Correspondence
  • Assist New HOA Boards with Startup
  • Coordinate with Escrow and Title Companies
  • Attend Annual Meeting
  • Attend Board Meetings
  • Oversight of Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Notices


  • Liaison between Boards of Directors and Property Owners
  • "Welcome to the Neighborhood" Package
  • Assist with Special Events
  • Website and Social Media Assistance
  • Publish and Distribute Newsletter

  • Property Services

  • Common Area Inspection
  • Covenant, Conditions, and Restriction Inspections
  • Reporting of Covenant Violations
  • Administration of Subcontractors